Brian Fox - Brian B Fox Photography

Brian Fox (b. 1952) is pursuing his lifelong passion for photography after a 33-year career with a leading consumer products company. As an account executive, he was responsible for developing marketing promotions and strategic plans for his company and his customers. Brian's love of photography began in 1970 when his father first let him use his Zeiss Ikon 35mm SLR camera. For Brian, taking photos was fun, and sharing the results was the ultimate reward.  While attending the University Of Nevada, he honed his photography skills with his Canon AE1 film camera, developing his own black and white photos.  After graduating from college in 1974, Brian began his career with a Fortune 50 consumer products company. His career provided him the opportunity to develop skills in leadership, goal setting/achievement and personnel management. In addition, he was able to build strong, collaborative relationships with customers, and he managed key personnel for his company.  Throughout his career, photography remained Brian's creative outlet. He learned by reading, taking classes and attending photography events as he practiced his skills on family pictures, outdoor landscapes and portraits. In 2001, he moved from his film camera to the digital world, which renewed his passion for photography. Upon his retirement from Procter & Gamble in 2013, Brian entered Sacramento City College to earn a certificate of photography and begin his second career as a landscape/nature photographer. As he continues to develop his creative and technical skills, he also calls upon his decades of corporate experience to develop a strategic business plan and communicate his ideas with others. Brian is married with three grown children and two grandchildren. He lives in the Sacramento area and, in his spare time, enjoys cycling, camping, kayaking, snow skiing and exploring the nearby Sierras.

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